About us

Hello there!

Welcome to Zoombie, no we are not zombie the brain-eating undead. We are zoombie and we sell high quality affordable used mobile phones. We were in the brain-eating business, but that wasn’t profitable, so we’ve moved into the mobile phone business instead.

7 reasons to buy from us


Our phone comes with a 6 months warranty. Most sellers on gumtree or Ebay do not offer this. We are glad to offer this as we understand that despite the fact that the phones are used, they are still very expensive. With our warranty, you will have peace of mind in knowing that the phone is expected to last a reasonable length of time.

Some of our phones might even have longer warranty under the manufacturer’s 2 years warranty period.

7 days satisfaction guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, return it to us within 7 days and we will issue a full refund (less postage).

network unlocked, imei unblocked

We guarantee that our phones are network unlocked and IMEI unblocked. Network unlocked means you can use your phone with any provider in Australia or overseas. Buying phones on gumtree come with the risk that the IMEI could be blocked. Regardless of the possibility that the phone was unblocked at the time of purchasing, it still could be blocked after. Buying through us will put you at ease knowing that the phone will not be blocked after 1 week.

tax invoice

We are a GST registered business. You will be provided with a tax invoice inclusive of GST. If you’re travelling, you might be able to claim back the GST upon leaving Australia.

Original parts

We guarantee that our phones contain only original manufacturer’s parts, no third-party components.

Note: this guarantee is only for the handset. The accessories pack are aftermarket as such is excluded from this guarantee.

Australian models

Our phones are sourced in Australia as such they are approved for use in Australia by the manufacturer. More importantly, it implies that it’s easier to get support or warranty directly from the manufacturer.

quality assurance check

Our phones go through a 15 points quality assurance check. We want to make the phone is fully functioning before shipping them out.