Why you should buy Australian stock iPhone or Samsung handset

What is Australian stock phone?

  Australian stock just means that the handset is the official version that the manufacturer has designated for the Australian market. These are the handsets that the manufacturer officially imports into the country for resell.

 Aren’t they all the same?

  Generally speaking, the handsets are very similar to each other. A phone that’s available in the US will probably be 99% the same as one that’s for the Australian market.

 If they are 99% the same, then shouldn’t you buy the cheapest available rather than Australian stock?

 The physical components might be the same, but you are paying for more than that. Here are some reasons why you want to buy Australian stock.

Quicker warranty repairs:

 Buying a phone from an overseas based reseller often means you will have to send the handset back to the retailer’s country of origin for repairs. This could mean weeks or even months without your phone. On the other hand, buying locally give you the option of local repairs where the turnaround time could be in just hours or even minutes in the case of the repairer doing a straight swap.

Extra warranty:

 Both Apple and Samsung generally only provide 1 year of warranty for their product in overseas market. In Australia, we are lucky with our Consumer Law requiring manufacturers to provide warranty that are above their basic warranty. This means, for high end model phone, they are legally required to provide 2 years warranty.

 However, Consumer Law only covers product that are sold by an Australian retailer. Importing a phone from Hong Kong or the US will mean consumer law is not applicable for your purchase. Buying a high-end phone from Hong Kong might saves you a bit of money initially but you miss out on the 2nd year warranty that Australian Consumer :aw provide.


 Samsung Australia have a policy of not serving any device that was purchased overseas. This means that if you have a problem with your Samsung device, Samsung Australia will refuse to service it even if you’re willing to pay for the repairs. You have the option of sending it back to the country of origin for repairs, but this could take weeks or months.

Strange settings:

 Even though the handset might be 99% the same, manufacturers have to comply with local laws that requires them to add/block certain features. For example, in Japan and Korea, due to local laws, the camera shutter sound cannot be switch off. This means if you buy an iPhone with Japanese/Korean origin, a sound is made every time you take a photo, even if the phone is on silence. This feature remains permanently on the phone even if you take it to Australia and performs a software update from within Australia.

 In certain middle eastern countries, iPhone are sold with Facetime disabled due to local laws. These settings are permanent and cannot be remove even if you are not a residence of that country and have no intention of using your phone there.


You might pay a little more for Australian stock but there are many advantages in the long run, not to mention the support for local retailers and employment.

At zoombiefone, we are the only retailer that check the origin of your phone and informs you of this.