How to check for Australian stock phone

In this article, we focus on how to check if the phone is Australian stock. If you want to know why it’s important to buy Australian stock phone, we discussed it in another article.

 There are many manufacturers in the market, this article will focus on Samsung and Apple.

Australian Stock iPhone

 New iPhone:

 When buying a new iPhone, the easiest way to check is to see if the charging adapter contains the Australian plug. If you open a brand new sealed in the box phone, and it comes with Australian plug power adapter then you know it’s from Australia. Mind you, the Australian plug design is not unique to Australia. I believe Argentina uses the same design. But you don’t have to worry about buying a brand new iPhone originate from Argentina as their prices are way more expensive than ours (up to 150% more). Most of the imported phone in Australia originates either from Asia (Hong Kong) or the USA.

Australian power adapter
Australian power adapter


USA Power Adapter
USA Power Adapter


Asian (HK) power adapter
Asian (HK) power adapter


Used iPhone with a box:

 Thanks to Apple’s attention to details, they have designed every box to fit perfectly with the accessories it comes with. If the phone comes with the original box with matching IMEI number, you can check to see if the Australian power adapter fits in the box.

iPhone Box with European charger
iPhone Box with an Asian (HK) charger











Australian iPhone Box
Australian iPhone Box

Used iPhone without a box:

This becomes tricky on the latest model phone. If you bought the current model and it doesn’t come with an original box, you need to ask the seller where they got it from. If they got it on a contract, then it is Australian stock. But if they bought it from eBay/Kogan/Amazon, it might not be Australian stock. If they mentioned any of those websites, ask if the phone came with an Australian power adapter.

Checking Apple’s database:

One sure way to check if your iPhone is Australian stock or not is to contact Apple. They keep track of all the phones that they bring into the country, they can even tell you where the iPhone/iPad/MacBook was originally sold. You can do this by walking into the Apple store or speak to them over the phone (although we’ve found that they are reluctant to give this info over the phone)

 Another way is to do a warranty check on Apple’s website. However, this method only works for product that are 1 year or older. Technically, Apple doesn’t show whether the product is Australian stock or not, but our keen eyes have noticed some minor details about this process.

Before we tell you what to look for, here’s a little background on why this process only works for product that are 1 year or older.

In 2013, the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) won a court case against Apple for breaching Australian Consumer Law (ACL). The case was about Apple making a number of misrepresentations in terms of consumer guarantee rights. You can read the ACCC’s press release here.

As a result of this case, Apple now provides two warranty. One is their standard 1 year warranty. The other is Consumer Law warranty.

When you buy a new product and do a warranty check, it shows the expiration date for their standard 1-year warranty. Beneath that, you can see their disclaimer about ACL (Australian Consumer Law) warranty.

Consumer Law Disclosure Consumer Law Disclosure

 Australian Consumer Law is only applicable to products that are officially imported by Apple for retail in Australia. You cannot buy an iPhone from the US and expects Consumer Law to be applicable.  

 Now, because ACL is only applicable to product that are officially imported into the country, this is how you can tell if your iPhone is Australian stock or not.

After the standard 1-year warranty have expires, Apple will show whether the product is applicable under consumer law or not. See pictures below.

But Apple only provides this information after their 1-year standard warranty have expires so it’s not possible to check it with a new phone.

Australian Stock
Australian Stock



Overseas model Overseas mode

Australian stock Samsung phone:

Luckily for us, Samsung have made it super easy to check for Australian stock phone. If you’re buying a new phone, check the box for the Australian Communications Association (ACA) tick in the back of the box

If you’re buying a used phone, check the back of the phone for the ACA tick.

Remember, it’s really important to buy Australian stock for Samsung phone as Samsung Australia refuses to service any overseas stock phone.

At zoombiefone, we are the only company that tells you where your phone originates. We are honest and completely transparent about this as we believe it’s something that the customer should know.