Our Phones

We get a lot of questions about where we get our phones from. Well, we get them from all the people whom have been turned into a zombie by us. But if we can’t find anyone to turn into a zombie, we buy the phones from trade-in programs, corporate buy back and ex-demo stocks.

What happens after they get traded in?

Once get traded in, the handset goes through a 14 points check. We check the following:

  1. Water damage – We check to make sure the phone have not come in touch with water previously.
  2. Battery – Battery is tested to make sure is at least 80% of the original capacity.
  3. Screen – Screen is 100% functional, no dead pixel or white spot.
  4. Camera – Front and Rear camera is tested.
  5. Speakers – Both normal and loudspeaker is tested.
  6. Microphone – Microphone is tested by placing a call and record a voice memo.
  7. Charging – Charging port is tested to make sure phone can accept charge.
  8. SIM Locked – Different network SIM cards is inserted to make sure is not network locked.
  9. IMEI – Handset is check against IMEI data to make sure its not recorded as stolen or blocked.
  10. Fingerprint reader – If applicable, fingerprint reader is tested.
  11. Buttons – All buttons are tested.
  12. WiFi/Bluetooth – Wifi and Bluetooth are tested by connecting to various devices.
  13. Headphone jack – Earphones is connected to check audio quality.
  14. Proximity sensor – This is a sensor that detect when the phone is near your head, it will turn off the screen to avoid accidental dialling.

After all this, we charge the phone, clean it up and package it into a nice box. It’s now ready for retailing.


Our phones are not refurbished. And you shouldn’t buy refurbished phone. See our guide on refurbished vs used phone.

Phone Grade

“All phones are created equal but some are better kept than others” ~ Some random guy

At zoombie, we have three grades for our phones.

As New Grade: If you need a phone for a gift, this is the grade to get. The handset in this grade looks like new. There’s no mark anywhere.

Excellent Grade: This grade is for handset that has been well kept. There might be some small marks but overall its in excellent condition. We are very picky when it comes to grading, a phone that have a tiny mark despite it being flawless elsewhere would be classified as excellent grade. Often, the difference between as new grade and excellent is so minimal that most customers would have trouble telling them apart.

Used Grade: This grade is for handset that have signs of everyday usage. There are some scratches around. The scratches can be on either the body and/or screen. This grade is perfect for people who needs a cheap working phone. Even though the handset have scratches around, we guarantee that it is in 100% working condition.