Step 3: How it works

  1. You pay for the new handset at the normal retail price.
  2. We send out the new handset along with postage label for you to send your old handset back to us. You have 14 day to send your old handset back.
  3. Upon receiving your old handset, we will refund the money for your old handset plus any discount we promised for the new handset.

 Note: We can only refund the difference back to your method of payment i.e. credit card payment will be refunded back into the card, bank transfer will be refunded back into your bank.

Unfortunately, we cannot charge the new handset at a discounted rate as we lose money on it and rely on your trade in device to make it back. We can only provide the discount after we receive your old device.

You can trade in at our physical store but please call us for stock availability before coming in.

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